California Fine Arts Exhibition

craigsibleycfaeCraig Sibley is the man behind the California Fine Arts Exhibition. Located in the historical Santora Building  at the heart of downtown Santa Ana. Craig takes great care to provide an elegant location for artists to display their work to the community.

Saman Haghighivand


img-0255Saman Haghighivand is an Iranian filmmaker who focuses on humanitarian issues. He was recently a runner up in the French Mobile film festival in Paris for his short film “Bon Apetit” which dealt with our perception of the death penalty.  Saman uses his film to confront issues that we all universally face as human beings. From his earlier documentary works such as “Gleam” to his more current short film “Amnesia” Saman always finds a way to find beauty in the human condition.

New Renaissance Gallery

New Renaissance Gallery is a Pop Up Art Gallery hosted by Artists out of their home. Supporting the local community by giving emerging artists, musicians and directors a place to begin exposing their works to the public and join a community of like minded creatives.


Mantis Arte Collective is a tool for investors and collectors who are looking for unique and meaningful artworks. If you are a seasoned collector or new to the art world, we are determined to match you with artworks that speak to you and are a sound investment.

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We understand the difficulties associated with starting your career as an emerging artist. Mantis Arte Collective was founded by artists who want to share their knowledge with their fellow creatives. We provide you with a platform to display and sell your work, while actively seeking collectors who are genuinely interested in investing in your talents.

Getting started

When building your professional career as an Artist it is important to articulate your ambitions, inspiration and style to give potential collectors a glance into how you work and why you are worth investing in. We provide different levels of assistance depending on what stage in your artistic career you are in.

Our art advisory offers emerging artists a variety of services to aid them in their journey towards a professional career. 

Getting started

  • 30 minute free consultation
  • develop your artistic focus
  • establish your goals
  • Assess potential value

For those artists that have established themselves but are looking to expand their reach we offer more focused services. 

Getting started

  • 30 min free consultation
  • Assess target market
  • set pricing standards
  • Create personalized gallery

For artists who are well established in their careers Mantis Arte Collective offers you personalized online representation. Our goal is to alleviate some of the stress of managing sales and advertising so that our artists can dedicate more time to their work.

Getting started

  • 30 minute free consultation
  • online representation
  • curatorial services
  • marketing


Maedeh Shojaei

Maedeh is a figurative painter from Tehran Iran. Living in a country where words are often upholders of propaganda instead of expression; Maedeh depends on her artwork to depict the reality she cannot always express with words. Her goal is to express her own suffering and revolt against the ideals we hold as “normal”. It is through our shared anguish that we find humanity in the strangers we meet.

Christian Aguilar


Christian Aguilar brings life back to Cubism with his bold use of Fauvist deep and exotic colors. Christian’s paintings incorporate symbolism that expresses more concisely the thought and story behind each painted scene. Nothing is accidental, everything is predetermined. In each painting Christian pushes himself further than the previous painting had taken him, always venturing deeper into the uncharted beauty of the universe.