Finding Ascension


“Finding Ascension” as an individual work focuses on the inner conflicts and triumphs of the artist. A cacophony of events from Christian’s past laid out non-linearly across the canvas. To reach a higher state of being we must make virtues out of our vices and that is exactly what “Finding Ascension” aims to do. Acknowledging former mistakes, failed relationships, triumphs and moments of clarity. Through acceptance one becomes a deity unto themselves. This is the lesson of this series, transcending the physical entrapment of the mind to release our full potential. Through this concept we must also, in tandem, see more clearly the duality in life. (Symbolized throughout the painting ex: sun vs moon and the dual headed bust) Duality is directly represented also in the meaning of the painting. It seems contradictory that the experience of pain can be flipped to experience health. To take a misstep is to learn how to walk correctly, you cannot walk correctly without taking a misstep. The two experiences are intertwined, without the good you cannot have reference for the bad so therefore it does not exist in one’s mind. This Knowledge, is presented in the form of Thoth (to the upper right of the painting) holding the Egyptian Aank, the symbol of life, because knowledge is the key to life. Once you posses the knowledge of your own capabilities, you can ascend into a higher being, a being unswayed by the winds of outside forces.

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