Eduardo Bol Pereira

The scrutiny of the mind, its twists and all that is able to imagine, are the raw material of my work. And just like the mind, it does not present an order or a single orientation; hence, the language of what I paint is broad and open in all directions. However, always leads to the same path: a broad world that ends up conjuring in a mythical, spiritual and surreal land. An inner world full of dreams and hallucinations.An astral journey trying to express itself in a bi-dimensional space that pushes to go out and take the elements. Intimate and at the same time eccentric works that are located between the limits of magic and the ancestral, coming to life. All my work is growing in different acts called stages, and as a living being, it grows and matures, it mutates and brings with it profound transformations to my life, as internally bound to me. And it is only at the end of my life, where I will see and see all the accumulated artistic process, archived.

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