“Qabalah” is duality in its physical form imposed over the tree of life. Manifesting as our hermaphrodite form, the male is represented by the sun and the female by the moon. The sun is “Kether” and is crowned by what some religions abstractly refer to as the “holy trinity”. They represent Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur, the symbols of the void in which all life begat from. The only way to define it is by its opposite, since creation is beyond our comprehension. The tree of life begins in the infinite and descends to the physical. The tree of life is a guide to rising back up to the infinity, to rejoin with our spiritual selves, continuing in the cycle of life, enlightenment, death and rebirth. The entirety of the protagonist forms the solar hexagram. The sun extends a beacon of light, for those who seek to follow this intrinsic knowledge, this forms the starting point of the hexagram.

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